Dara Palmer

Dara was born and raised in Philadelphia. As an active member of the Philadelphia dance community from a very young age, Dara gained a diverse understanding of both the technical and cultural elements of dance. Dara taught pre-ballet for several years before joining the faculty of Pennsylvania Academy of Ballet. Dara has devoted her life to working with youth in the Philadelphia area as a school teacher and a change-maker starting after school programming and daycare programs in dance and the arts for children. Dara is driven by her compassion and desire for all people to benefit from exposure to the arts and physical expression. Dara has been inspired to work with children and adults in urban communities, bringing programs to traditionally ignored communities. Dara is firmly committed to the possibilities for social change by bringing dance and the arts to everyone. Dara is the founder of a nonprofit organization, ART THRU YOUTH, that offers educational art programs and serves as an investment in the youth of Philadelphia, creating a bridge between our youth and the arts.

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